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Roberto Rabanne

Bert Stern

Alfred Wertheimer
Masterworks of Photography
Photographic images offer moments of recognition that bind us as a culture, and remind us of our ability to reflect our shared lives.

From their introduction in the 19th century, photographs have made the world more accessible. Entertainers and politicians have taken advantage of the vivid immediacy of photographic portraits to elicit a sense of personal connection and gain audiences and support. The medium allowed armchair travelers to “visit” sites like Niagara Falls and The Valley Of The Kings where Pharaohs once lived. Photographs build fads. They gave the scourges of the Great Depression a human face, helped instill wartime patriotism, and brought Hollywood starlets into our living rooms, making these larger-than-life figures seem like one of us. Photographs create dramatic immediacy to uprisings and debates that encompass our world. They summarize great events and offer discrete details that at times play the edges of controversy and exude goodwill and humor.

Platinum prints are treasured by collectors and investors because of their tonal range, the surface quality and permanence. The unique beauty of a fine platinum print involves a broad scale of tones from black to white. The delicate, rich platinum tones range from warm black, to reddish brown, to expanded mid-tone grays that are unobtainable in silver prints. In the deepest shadows the platinum print still presents information; the platinum whites are delicate and the depth of the image is alive and three dimensional. Platinum prints are not only exceptionally beautiful, they are the most durable of all photographic processes. The platinum metals (platinum and palladium) are more stable than gold and it is estimated that a platinum image, properly made, can last thousands of years.

Since many of our images are original platinum prints, The Weingrad Group LLC offers a sound investment since platinum prints often sell for many times what other prints sell for.

A Salute To Marilyn
The Weingrad Group LLC is especially proud to offer insight into the life of Marilyn Monroe through the lens of avant garde photographers such as Bert Stern, Milton Greene and Tom Kelly whose pictures of this American icon have been hailed as the most memorable images of Marilyn that exist today.

Introspective images of Elvis, the king of rock and roll by Alfred Wertheimer are also made available through our archives. Of special note is the infamous portrait of Elvis back stage in a timeless photograph referred to as ‘The Kiss’ (Vanity Fair 2010).

Panoramas of New York
Peter Kaplan’s breathtaking images of The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building etc. makes one wonder how these giant edifices were constructed.

Leo Matiz.
The acclaimed Latin American photographer who captured exquisite personal images of artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in their native home and environment.

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