Alex McDuffie’s pursued many artistic endeavors from mural painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, and multimedia work. It wasn’t until he developed an interest in history did he find his true inspiration to create original works of art. “My passion for historical artifacts has been an invaluable educational experience, for which I owe an immeasurable degree of gratitude to Samuel P. Nesmith, Director of the Texas Museum of Military History and former Curator of the Alamo Museum.” Alex McDuffie also had the opportunity to work with the collections of the Alamo Museum, Texas State Museum, Arkansas Museum, Menger Hotel exhibits, and many premier private collections as a lender and consultant.

With hands-on knowledge of 18th and 19th century military history, Alex is currently creating a series of historical paintings and sculptures that bring history to life. Working with descriptions from memoirs, period weapons, uniforms, and accoutrements his work is explicit in its finite detail. "Because I incorporate period artifacts within each work, I pay attention to the 'facts' of each subject as I render them which pays tribute to who these people actually were rather than how we simply imagine them to be." Alex is also an accomplished portraitist capable of bringing the sitter’s inner spirit to life.

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