Our purpose is to heal, uplift, enlighten people with art, objects, fashion, film, etc. utilizing our unique style and creative venue. By seeing things differently by changing their perceptions when in truth their perceptions create their reality and thereby affect the world around them.

We want people to become aware of what they surround themselves with, why and what affect objects of any kind have on their lives and the world they live in.

Our belief is that we deserve to have beauty around us, to be fulfilled in our lives and that because we have wealth or status or 'things' that is not enough to create a fulfilling life. People are what they surround themselves with. That is why objects have such power and play such an important role in our lives even though most people do not understand it.

By showing the masses how things of any kind will and do affect them in a profound way we hope to be catalysts for change in a world that  is reinventing itself.

The impact we want to have on the world is for people to no longer buy into what they are told or led to believe but to listen to their inner voices, their intuition to determine what is best for them. In doing so they will begin to realize their own potential and dreams and create unique lives not just environments to live in.Our goal is to change the world through the intervention of art, objects, style and fashion.

To bring people to heighten awareness so they no longer buy into the hype of a world that is making billions off of keeping people unconscious, esp in the arts.

We want to bring art to the world through our credo: "EVERYONE CAN OWN A WORK OF ART"... that is the statement we want to make.

If we can accomplish this, we will have done something magnificent with our lives and work.

Stephen Weingrad and Tod Volpe

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