Jules Chéret

Dorothy Hart Drew

Daniel Kotz

Pablo Picasso

Frederic Remington

Auguste Rodin

Tiffany Studios

Sierre Thiriot

Artus Van Briggle
The meaning of fine art in our world is any work of art or creation that surpases casual or commercial context.

Meaning a work of fine art as opposed to applied or illustrative art has to be considered on a higher level than art of lower degrees.

The Weingrad Group LLC maintains that no artist or work of art should be ruled less or more important than another. Our purpose is to give full attention to the work of art itself, the artists journey and story behind each work as it was created.

It is not enough that art has a commercial worth, art is also to be appreciated. In today's economy collectors and investors are sensitive to the fact that money alone is not enough to warrant interest in a work of art. We believe its time to return to what the Latins say:

Ars gratia artis (Art for Arts Sake)

We have selected a group of artists who we believe best represent the styles and traditions that make art what it is today. Nothing derivative but pure genius when it came to inventing a certain style in painting, sculpture, print making, glass, ceramics and furniture design.

As we approach the heighpoint of change in this century art will take its place among the most important areas of our culture to preserve for as one great art advocate said:

"If you want to look at a state of a nation look at the state of its art."

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