Because people have been unable to realize a fair market value for what they believe an original work of art is worth, they rely on The Weingrad Group LLC, established by Messrs Stephen Weingrad and Tod Volpe because of their ability to platform works of art utilizing specialized services in Fine Art Authentication, Appraisals, Conservation, Legal, Promotion and Marketing.

These unique skills platform works of art in a most unique way offering opportunities in investments, collecting and sales.

Many works of art have come to our attention from around the world who without proper authentication are unable to realize the prices they hope to achieve.

For Example:

1) Jackson Pollock

Depicted, in the award winning movie Who The #$%&* Is Jackson Pollock produced by Don Hewitt and New Line Cinema (Picturehouse) a bold new way of plat-forming works of art that have not been accepted by the art world, resulted in a 9 million dollar offer for an object that was purchased for five dollars in a thrift shop.

2) Keith Haring

Presented with The Cassinelli Collection we have after spending two years of extensive research, promotion and marketing successfully platformed that collection for sale.

2) Picasso Tete de Femmes

Found in the basement of an antiques shop in NYC, it took several years to pinpoint the origins of the piece in Paris and to put together a detailed accounting of how it was discovered. Through the support of world renowned art expert, the piece was compared favorably to an existing cast that sold recently for 5.5 million dollars.

3) Anthony Van Dyck

Discovered in a restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland five years of research leads to the acknowledgment that a masterpiece once thought of as a later period company is in fact one of three versions of the artists greatest works.

Our team of experts offers a wide range of services specializing in areas of:

Promoting and Marketing
Legal Analysis

Fine art masterpieces are often discarded from auction house sales rooms, museums and public galleries. Corporate collections focus mainly on art that appeals to the status quo, those objects that have already been given a certain pedigree and/or labeled ‘authentic’.

It is common knowledge that provenance (history) of works of art can be forged as in the case of John Myatt and John Dunn who manipulated auctions into accepting made up attributions for paintings recently created, or attributions can suddenly change when museums believe works of art acquired by one artist may be by another.

Provenance is important when discussing the origins of a work of art but it can be misleading. The great art forger Emile De Hory inserted information in catalogues he wanted his clients to read. Those catalogues were found in libraries and research facilities thereby confirming that the work he was forging was real.

The Weingrad Group LLC takes a stand for an individual work of art on its own merits, examining existing information including bills of sales, title transfers, auction house records, family letters, any/all documentation that may lead to a successful attribution of the work.

We also take into consideration that the work may or may not be by the artist mentioned and look for possibilities that other resources may disregard. If the team of experts working with the group feels that the work of art that is being presented has a good chance at being what it says it is, then the team will go all out to prove the worth and credibility of that work of art.

During the time of the making of the Pollock movie, a private equity group was established to promote and market the position science is taking in the art world to help identify works of art that have been rejected by the art world through forensics, pigment analysis and DNA.

Their efforts to give orphan works of art a safe haven to place ground under their feet without feeling that there is no possible way this art object could be what it says it is gave rise to the Weingrad Group LLC’s philosophy that every work of art deserves respect.

The Weingrad Group LLC’s approach is to leave all doors open rather than shut them.

If it is not this... then what is it?

The art world usually shrugs its shoulders at such things, turning its back on anything that is not apparent or easily understood. A few years ago a small drawing was sold to a dealer at a leading NY auction house classified as “school of” or a later copy by a well known artist. Years lager after careful scrutiny and research that work of art was declared original and auctioned at another sale where it realized a sum that was most people would relate to winning the lottery.

Most recently several important works of art have come to our attention:

Jackson Pollock “Drip Paintings” recovered from the basement of a family’s woodworking studio in East hampton, NY.

Guido Reni, commissioned by Phillip IV of Spain found in a designers showcase in Atlanta, Georgia.

Vincent Van Gogh from a family who purchsaed the work in Budapest, Hungary.

Caravaggio found in a New York City Antique Store, held by that family until significant information was revealed to determine its authenticity.

In addition to building credibility for masterpieces of art, misunderstood, and/or unappreciated, The Weingrad Group LLC also utilizes media to produce feature documentaries and feature films that shed light on the corruption of the art world and behind the scenes truths that the public is unaware of.

For Example:

“Radiant Baby” The True Story of Angel Ortiz / King of The Graffiti World, Universe Films

FRAMED / Tales Of The Art Underworld in development with Cold Front Productions, Tulchin Entertainment and Terry Winter (screenwriter of The Sopranos

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