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Steve Balkin

Guy Cobb

Michael Colavito

Paul Duncan

Alex McDuffie
The work of emerging artists are a priority for The Weingrad Group LLC.

We believe the future of the art world is in the hands of today's artists, not the artists of the past.

So far, trends have been set, styles have been established by those who have earned solid if not commercically successful reputations. Based on how much an artist brings at auction, can be sold for at upscale galleries and/or 'on line', artists fall into the category of being saleable or not.

For an artist living and working today to be saleable, first they must have art that is desireable of interest to the public. This is usually accomplished by creating a platform for the artist to sell and promote the work. In a media driven world, people usually only invest in artists that can provide the buyer/investor with an exit strategy, or a way out of their investment should the buyer want to deaccession the art from their holdings.

If an artist has a world class gallery, media platform or some notoriety then the art is saleable. If not, a good artist or even a great one cannot sell his or her art on the open market.

The Weingrad Group LLC looks first at a work of art and second at whether or not the artist has achived some sort of level of success. If there is a platform to offer the art for sale and/or exhibition it makes our job easier but we will go to bat for an artist who has talent and cannot find his niche.

Further it is common practise in the art world and entertainment business and publishing that an artist, actor and writer cannot have representation unless their work is saleable and in order to have someone represent the work the work has to be saleable, thus the 'Catch 22' with regard to success in the way the system worked in the past.

In the present and hopefully in the future, artists work will find its way through the maze by its integrity, purpose and power of the creative vision.

Everyone deserves a chance and at The Weingrad Group LLC we believe in giving people with talent a chance to take their place among today's greatest artists

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