World acclaimed artist/ceramacist, Artus Van Briggle and his wife Anne Lawrence (Gregory) founded the famous Van Briggle Art Pottery in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Best known for their unique Art Nouveau designs, they rediscovered the lost Ming Dynasty formula for satin matte glazes. 
Van Briggle won numerous awards from prestigious shows such as the Paris Salon, the Saint Louis Exhibition, the Lewis and Clark Centennial, and the Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Boston. Fine examples such as the Poppy Vase (illustrated) made by Artus Van Briggle are in the permanant collections of The Metropolitan Museum in New York City, The Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., The British Museum in London, England, and at the Louvre in Paris, France.
Prior to coming to Colorado for health reasons in 1899, Van Briggle worked for the Rookwood Pottery in Cincinnati, Ohio. He had also studied at the Julian Art School in Paris and studied with art masters in Italy.
He passed away in 1904, and his grave went unmarked until 1966 when an anonymous donor had it marked with a red granite headstone and the inscription,
"Whosoever loveth the labor of his work, the Gods have called." 

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