With over 40 years experience in the legal profession, Steve Weingrad’s expertise with art, artists, copyright and intellectual rights law is unsurpassed.

Spearheading copyright infringement cases involving Time Life, National Geographic, The Elvis Presley Estate and taking a stand for major photographers most notably Bert Stern’s infamous ‘Last Sitting” images of Marilyn Monroe, Steve talents are multi-faceted.

With law offices at The Empire State Building since 1952, his firm Weingrad & Weingrad covers the gamut from art law, tax and personal injury law. Most recently Steve has ventured out into the art arena to network projects that introduce fine art masterpieces to Russia, Dubai and Asia. Through The Weingrad Group, specifically designed to assist artists, dealers, auction houses and collectors to promote and market art outside the sacred walls of the art arena, has become a full time job given these challenging times.

Pioneering masterpieces by Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Rodin, Picasso etc. The Weingrad Group enables corporate as well as private investors the opportunity to have a hands on experience with these objects, not just from a business but a personal and artistic experience.

Having successfully litigated cases involving many major museums such as The Museum Of Modern Art in NY and MOCA in LA, as well as supporting artists’ claims against dealers and auction houses, The Weingrad Group remains totally unique in this niche.

Re-inventing a forgotten style in American Decorative Arts, Tod Volpe became a trendsetter in the arts and for three decades and was nicknamed 'The Oracle' for his unique talent in discovering unappreciated art treasures.

Serving as advisor to former governor Mario Cuomo and invited to the White House by former Vice President Mondale, Tod Volpe became one of the leading authorities in art identifying current market trends.

As a consultant to notable collectors as Malcolm Forbes, Arlene and Robert Kogod, Max Palevsky, Bob Daly, Terry Semel now CEO of Yahoo, Jack Nicholson, Barbra Streisand, Joel Silver and Bruce Willis etc Tod Volpe's expertise in art connoisseurship and market investments is unsurpassed.

Authoring a best selling book on the art world, co-starring in the critically acclaimed documentary Who The #$%& Is Jackson Pollock, produced by Don Hewitt ('60 Minutes') and invited by the Royal Family to produce The Masters Art Show (Dubai), as a consultant to the Weingrad Group, Volpe is taking the art world by storm once again.

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